Troubleshooting issues with DataHub 0.12.0 version and external PostgreSQL connectivity

Original Slack Thread

Hi All, I am using datahub 0.12.0 version facing so many issue with external bitnami/postgresql:15.3.0 i am getting issues like “The sidebar failed to load”, “index not found”

Hey there! :wave: Make sure your message includes the following information if relevant, so we can help more effectively!

  1. Which DataHub version are you using? (e.g. 0.12.0)
  2. Please post any relevant error logs on the thread!

How do you run datahub?
Do you run the quickstart or you deployed it?

i was using datahub 0.12.0 using helm chart on k8s

but now i redeploy datahub 0.11.0 with external PostgreSQL instance, and all component up and running fine now

Same here but I am using the docker compose quickstart. I managed to ingest Exasol metadata using sqlalchemy but overall the dataHub application is very instable. Errors like "An unknown error ocurred. (code 500) and “The sidebar failed to load”. Note that I am meeting/exceeding the quickstart requirements. I have Python Version 3.9, Docker Compose version v2.21.0. Question: why are the various quickstart bash scripts (see using docker-compose instead of docker compose and is docker-compose not an alias to docker compose?

Are you using our helm charts? Your bitnami postgres version seems way off:

For Joachim, can you start a separate thread with error logs? Your situation does not seem to be the same as the original in this thread. docker compose and docker-compose are two different commands. One is directly using docker-compose and the other uses your docker installation. It’s a historical thing and the quickstart bash scripts are used for local development and have not been updating to use docker compose v2 (

You should be running quickstart using the CLI and not the bash scripts though so it shouldn’t affect you, assuming you are not forking an doing your own development.

Hello Ryan, thank you for the quick response. I think we have an issue as docker-compose on our host is not an alias to docker compose and this docker-compose is not meeting the requirements (Docker V2). I will fix this issue and rerun the installation, the workflows. I will create a new thread in case the error is still present.