Troubleshooting Loss of Data in Datahub Restoration from Metadata Database

Original Slack Thread

Hi team, I try to restore Datahub from metadata database (Mysql). But I got some log in GMS service, seems like some datas is lost.
Do you have any idea about that? I’m facing it on Production.

[0]: index [datasetindex_v2], type [_doc], id [urn%3Ali%3Adataset%3A%28urn%3Ali%3AdataPlatform%3Amysql%2xxxxxxxxxx], message [[datasetindex_v2/e7Tsvw3aQE6HhhgEN5q0BQ][[datasetindex_v2][0]] ElasticsearchException[Elasticsearch exception [type=document_missing_exception, reason=[_doc][urn%3Ali%3Adataset%3A%28urn%3Ali%3AdataPlatform%3Amysql%2xxxxxxxxx]: document missing]]]```

Hi Doung! Apologies for the delayed response here… It looks like this thread might be relevant!