Troubleshooting missing metrics in DataHub Usage Analytics

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I see all the metrics in DataHub Usage Analytics empty in the Analytics page.
Do I need to enable it? If so how?

What’s the value of the DATAHUB_ANALYTICS_ENABLED env variable for you? Is it set to True for frontend and GMS?

You can also query if analytics is enabled with

I checked the endpoint and got below response still Analytics is not showing in UI
“data”: {
“appConfig”: {
“appVersion”: “v0.12.0”,
“analyticsConfig”: {
“enabled”: true
“extensions”: {}

It is set to true

I’m fairly new to DataHub so shooting in the dark here, but could that be a permissions issue? Is your user allowed to view analytics?

Also, have you checked the logs of gms or actions? Do you see an error in there?

Missing privilege for your user may be the cause, as Pierre pointed out. However in that case, the Analytics link is hidden, if I’m not wrong.
Also, you could check if you have any data in “datahub_usage_event” index in Elasticsearch.

Analytics tab is showing but the page is completely empty.attachment

<@U04C8HQU5HS> does the rest of DataHub works fine? Like, were you able to ingest datasets? Create users? Create glossary terms?

Yes, everything works fine