Troubleshooting Snowflake Lineage Extraction Error: "Max LOB size exceeded"

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Snowflake ingestion lineage extraction fails due to the following error:
[2024-05-29 06:12:51,707] WARNING {datahub.ingestion.source.snowflake.snowflake_utils:250} - external_lineage => Populating table external lineage from Snowflake failed due to error 100082 (22000): Max LOB size (16777216) exceeded, actual size of parsed column is 188464892.
Seems like the query projection exceeds the allowed field size.
This was my initial run for a new snowflake an I therefore enabled ignore_start_time_lineage
Will try again without that argument.
Running on Datahub v0.13.2

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To address the issue of Snowflake ingestion lineage extraction failing due to the “Max LOB size exceeded” error, here is a summary and step-by-step reasoning:

The error occurs because the query projection exceeds the allowed field size in Snowflake. Disabling the ignore_start_time_lineage argument should help mitigate this issue by limiting the amount of data processed during lineage extraction.

Step-by-Step Reasoning

  1. Error Analysis:

    • The error message indicates that the size of the parsed column exceeds the maximum allowed LOB size in Snowflake.
    • This typically happens when a large amount of data is being processed in a single query.
  2. Configuration Adjustment:

    • The ignore_start_time_lineage argument, when enabled, processes all historical data, which can lead to large result sets.
    • Disabling this argument will limit the lineage extraction to a smaller, more manageable dataset.
  3. Recommended Configuration:

    • Set ignore_start_time_lineage to False to limit the lineage extraction to recent data.
    • Optionally, you can also set use_legacy_lineage_method to True to use a more efficient method for lineage extraction.

Example Configuration
Here is an example of how you can adjust your configuration:

  type: snowflake
    account_id: <your_account_id>
    username: <your_username>
    password: <your_password>
    warehouse: <your_warehouse>
    role: <your_role>
    include_table_lineage: true
    include_view_lineage: true
    ignore_start_time_lineage: false  # Disable to limit data processed
    use_legacy_lineage_method: true   # Optional: Use legacy method for efficiency
      enabled: true
      enabled: true
  type: datahub-rest
    server: 'http://datahub-datahub-gms:8080'
    token: <your_token>

Additional Steps

  • Run the Ingestion: Execute the ingestion process with the updated configuration.
  • Monitor Logs: Check the logs to ensure that the ingestion process completes without errors.


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Thanks bot, that’s what I suggested…and it is just a workaround, not really a solution.
I mean, that’s okay for now, but if someone from the team could pick this up and maybe find a more efficient method to extract the entire lineage in an upcoming version, that’d be even better. Thanks.