Understanding Status Information Displayed in Schema View

Original Slack Thread

Hi everyone, I am trying to understand the meaning between the 3 status information available in the schema view:

  •     Updated _x time_ ago
  •     Last observed
  •     Last synchronized

Do these refer to the metadata update or actual data update in the source platform? Could someone help with a quick definition, please?
Thanks a lot!

Hi, this thread & docs might be helpful to understand last observed / last synced. https://datahubspace.slack.com/archives/CV2UXSE9L/p1665616850105829

Hi! Thanks, I’ve read the articles about the sync status. I understand that these 2 - last observed and last synchronized - refer to the metadata freshness. Is that correct?
However I could not find any information about the Updated x time ago. Could you help explain this one, please?