Understanding Table Usage Statistics on UI and Addressing Discrepancies in Data Reporting

Original Slack Thread

Hi Team,
I’ve been looking into the table usage statistics on the UI and had a few questions. Despite checking documentation, blog videos, and Slack history, I couldn’t find the asnwer, so asking it here:

  1. When the UI indicates “354 queries last month”, could you please clarify the specific dates this time frame covers? Does it refer to the past 30 days from the current date, the previous calendar month, or the ongoing calendar month?
  2. Regarding the “142 unique users” could you provide more insight into the timeframe these users are counted within?
  3. I noticed a difference between the column and table usage statistics. For instance, while one column shows 7745 queries/month, the table level only indicates 354 queries last month. Could you elaborate on the distinction between these metrics and why such a significant variance might happen?

the source for this table is BigQuery and we use Datahub v0.11.0

<@U03BEML16LB> might be able to help here!

would be great to get any help/feedback here :slightly_smiling_face:

hey Kirill! yes great questions let me see how I can help here

  1. this refers to the last 30 days specifically (at the time that you ran ingestion for this entity)
  1. this is actually a time window within the last 30 days as well!

this third one i’m not positive off the top of my head but let me tag someone from ingestion to see if they know easily here <@UV14447EU>

Hi <@UV14447EU>, sorry for the personal tagging, but wanted to ask if you can have a look here, as the difference in table and column usage stats for us is growing daily and we don’t have any ideas how to verify it by ourselves, maybe you can point us in a direction?


Which source are we talking about?