Update issue in UI search results addressed by adding new values in helm chart settings

Original Slack Thread

<@U0121TRV0FL>, With the new version v.0.11.0 , is there supposed to be an update to the search results in the UI, like the one in your video? I am using the open source version. I have upgraded (via helm on Azure Kubernetes), and I still see what looks like the previous version UI. By the way, upgrade works fine and ui is updated when performed on local machine via docker.


<@U0121TRV0FL>, I found the issue. For posterity, the values helm chart has been updated with the following values:

      show_search_v2: true  # If on, show the new search filters experience as of v0.10.5
      show_browse_v2: true  # If on, show the new browse experience as of v0.10.5
      backfill_browse_v2: true  # If on, run the backfill upgrade job that generates default browse paths for relevant entities```
The default values in the previous version was set to false.

Thanks for sharing this with the community, Christopher!