Updating Datahub Environment in the Cloud from CLI and Managing Ingestion Issues

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Hi, All:

I would like to do CSV ingestion(CSV Enricher) from the CLI, but I cannot access the Datahub environment in the cloud to update data. (Instead, the data in Datahub installed in the Docker environment is updated.)

Please let me know if there is a way to update Datahub in the cloud from the CLI.

The GMS endpoint needs to be accessible from your local machine, otherwise, you can use DataHub Portal i.e. managed ingestion

Thank you so much for your response! Got it.
One question for “Managed Ingestion”.

I tried to use this function but it is not succeeded.

Look at below picture. Error message is “this file doesn’t exist”" but I confirmed this file is there.

Can you please give me some insights here? I assume the file in C drive is not good to execute.

I think you need to copy the file into the action container. You can docker cp command to copy your file from host machine to /tmp location in docker action container and provide /tmp/tag.Glossary.csv path in managed ingestion

<@U0348BYAS56> I really appreciate for your comment. One question before executing - I’ve attached the hierarchy of Docker Location. the highlighted is you are talking about, right? Your suggestion is to copy the file into this location, and provide path in managed ingestion(No need GMS endpoint and CLI)attachment

The location is correct & container name is datahub-actions

Thank you so much! Let me try again.