Using Docker for Deployment on Kubernetes: Need for YML Files on Git

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Hi team.
At present, I am using Docker for deployment successfully. I have reviewed the official documentation and found that if using K8S, I need to use Helm. However, my network control is relatively strict, so I think it is also feasible to deploy Docker on K8S. So, I would like to ask if there are YML files for deploying K8S using Docker on Git? If so, then I don’t need to write it myself

<@U03MF8MU5P0> might be able to speak to this!

There isn’t any sample k8s “deployment” in github

Okey, i have checked the docs,I am considering copying this warehouse to my private repo to solve the problem of accessing external networks, so that I am all in a private network.
Can I implement the deployment method of help by copying it to my warehouse? So there’s no need to access external networks. Do you think I’ll encounter any problems doing this?

you would be doing the equivalent of deploying a local chart instead of pulling the chart from some remote repo, yes, it can work