Using Python to Import Classification Metrics to Datahub

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Hi there:wave:!
We are exploring metadata tools as company. We are currently using SAP PowerDesigner as a data catalog tool, but we can’t follow the updates on the data with it so we are looking for alternatives. Our data has classification metrics(confidentiality, availability, integrity etc.) for every column.(1- not confidential, 3-highly confidential etc.). We store these scores on Powerdesigner. Is there a way to import existing scores to Datahub and join them with the metadata ingested from db’s.(I can export scores from PD as excel or csv , no need for a PowerDesigner connector, any other way is also OK).
Thank you for your help!

with the python client you should be able add tags to the columns programatically.
Here is an example how you can add tag to a dataset ->

here is how to add column tags:

Or you can use glossary terms as well ->