What is the purpose of the password field on the airflow connector for datahub and where is it set?

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On the airflow connector for datahub I see a password field. Does this secure the GMS backend? And if so where is that set at deployment?

Which password are you exactly referring to?


on this page if you scroll to the step 3. where you can configure they hook for datahub for rest there’s an “optional” datahub auth token

Does that go into this password field?

And if so, how do I get the auth token?

you need to set a personal access token to the password field.
Here is how you can generate -> https://datahubproject.io/docs/authentication/personal-access-tokens/

when I set that up does that mean that if I publish the GMS API on a public IP address or domain, I would need this token… or do I need to set something to secure it?

it’s ok I think I have found it https://datahubproject.io/docs/authentication/introducing-metadata-service-authentication