Automating Permissions for Marketing and Operations Departments in a Datahub Implementation

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Hi guys :hihi:

I am carrying out a datahub implementation where technologies such as redshift, tableau, postgres, and airflow are involved. Since people from different departments (Marketing/Operations) will have access, it was requested that view permissions be limited to certain objects for each department, which was carried out through the use of|domains, the idea is to assign each domain the assets that each member of each department could view of each technology. Therefore, I added the domains block to the source configuration in this way to automate the assignment of assets to a specific domain, example:

          - "*"
          - "long_tail_companions.ecommerce.*"```
My question is if I would like to do the same but with the Airflow `pipelines`, how should I do it? maybe by tag manually? Is there a way to automate that too?

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