Browser Refresh Causes Role Assignment Loss on DataHub 0.10.5, Seeking Assistance

Original Slack Thread

hi Team, this is same issue we are facing on 0.10.5 version (selfhosted datahub). . It seems another customer’s issue(described in the slack thread got resolved after migrating from 0.9x to 0.10.0. Our issue is on 0.10.5 version of the platform. Please assist.

Once we change a role of a user and save it; a subsequent browser refresh, role assignment is lost. Also we have Grafana/Tempo enabled. Shows to the point where an insert (INSERT datahub.metadata_aspect_v2) occurs and then a change log event is sent to Kafka (MetadataChangeLog_Versioned_v1 send)

we couldn’t proceed further with troubleshooting. Is there a workaround you could suggest to avoid this ?

<@UV5UEC3LN> <@U01GCJKA8P9> Would love your input here!

We are working into separating MCE Consumer as a separate pod. Assuming that this would reduce any concurrent processing issues consuming change events from Kafka. Hopefully this would avoid/reduce the issue ?.