Understanding the Population of Default Roles in DataHub GMS

Original Slack Thread

Hi - I just repointed DataHub from the pre-requisite helm chart deployments for Postgres and Elastic Search to AWS managed ones (RDS + OpenSearch). I seem to have lost the default 3 roles even when logged it as the root user. Where are these roles coming from/how are they initially populated?attachment

They are ingested during GMS’ start up process https://github.com/datahub-project/datahub/blob/master/metadata-service/factories/src/main/java/com/linkedin/metadata/boot/steps/IngestRolesStep.java|https://github.com/datahub-project/datahub/blob/master/metadata-service/factories/[…]main/java/com/linkedin/metadata/boot/steps/IngestRolesStep.java

You should see a Successfully ingested default Roles message in GMS’ logs.

Look for messages having IngestRolesStep e.g.

2024-01-17 19:23:14,056 [pool-26-thread-1] INFO c.l.m.boot.steps.IngestRolesStep:98 - Successfully ingested default Roles.

Thank you <@U05SKM6KGGK>! I restarted the GMS pod and indeed it’s populated now.