Cleaning up tmp Folder with Multiple Virtual Environments for UI Ingestion

Original Slack Thread

We recently got this error on the new ingest job
ERROR: Could not install packages due to an OSError: [Errno 28] No space left on device
And after looking we saw that we have a heavy tmp folder that included several venvs (see screenshot). Will it be altight if we clean that folder, or will it impact the ingest jobs?

I guess you use the UI ingestion right? This will create one venv per ingestion source every time the ingestion runs.
So imho it should not be an issue to clean the directories up.
Maybe you can just start with the older ones using the 0.9.x client version?

yes I UI ingestion and in some recipies the CLI version is set manually, I guess the venvs are for them
I guess I can try cleaning one by one, thanks

may I ask why you pin older versions for the ingestion?

the older oner might be legacy I didn’t realize we have. When they were pinned they weren’t older versions but were newer or current.
good idea to check all the pins now :slightly_smiling_face:

hmmm those older version are’s actually pined now and weren’t for some time. I guess the tmp folder just doesn’t clean up automatically and I didn’t know we have to clean it manually. will do so now. thanks for the help!

if the pod gets killed or rescheduled some times by k8s a manual cleanup would not be necessary I guess. Your deployment is too stable :smile:

haha. Looks like we better kill it some times so it cleans itself up:smile: