Troubleshooting ingestion issue after updating to 0.11.0 version in dev environment

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Hi we have updated to 0.11.0 recently in our dev environment , ingestion does not start after the upgrade. Just shows pending state forever,. any thoughts?

I am having the same issue, any one can help on this?

@Andrew Sikowitz Do you know how to take logs from action container? Thid doc explain for GMS

@Anand Muttayane⁣⁣ Mean while could you please collect the GMS logs

Thanks <@U0348BYAS56> , I am able to get to the logs, do you need the entire log?

Here is the gms.log and gms.debug.logattachment

This means that the datahub-actions container isn’t running. Could you try pulling the latest image + restarting that container?

If you’re using quickstart, just rerunning datahub docker quickstart should do the trick

i got the same issue too, and yes, it’s because datahub-datahub-actions-1 container is not running, this is my error log. running datahub v0.10.5attachment

Yup - pulling the latest acryldata/datahub-actions:head image should fix that

Thanks <@U01GZEETMEZ> I encountered this issue while upgrading in AKS. and restarting the replica sets helped