Compatibility of DataHub with OpenSearch versions for on-prem installation

Original Slack Thread

Hi we are trying to install datahub on-prem with opensearch (v2.12.0). I read an old post that datahub only supports opensearch version 1.x. Is this still true?

Hey there! :wave: Make sure your message includes the following information if relevant, so we can help more effectively!

  1. Which DataHub version are you using? (e.g. 0.12.0)
  2. Please post any relevant error logs on the thread!

Datahub 0.13.0 tested withOpenSearch_2.9 and also works well with OpenSearch 2.11

So Opensearch 2.12.0 does not work with datahub 0.12.1 ?

Opensearch 2.x is supported on DataHub 0.12.x however it was tested with Opensearch 2.9 (at that time). We have since updated our test automation to use Opensearch 2.11 for DataHub 0.13.x however we have not done any tests with the specific combination of DataHub 0.12.x and Opensearch 2.11 however it likely will work.