Compatibility of Elasticsearch and Redpanda with Datahub v0.12.0

Original Slack Thread

Hello team,
I have some question:
• What is the latest version of elasticsearch compatible with Datahub v0.12.0?
• Can we replace Kafka component by Redpanda?

<@U063WTWMH2L> might be able to speak to this!

<@U056TUMLM1U> for ur first question, it might ‘7.17.3’
find in here:

I’m also curious about how we can replace Kafa by Redpanda :slightly_smiling_face:

as for ES, datahub currently supports OpenSearch 2.x and ElasticSearch 7.x

as for redpanda, although it’s supposed to have kafka-compatible API. I don’t think we actually validated that, but let me ask around

yeah, confirmed that we never verified if Redpanda works with datahub, but probably worth trying

fwiw there’s a comparison matrix, although not much compatibility detail