Deploying Acryl Data on Azure Instead of AWS - Feasibility and Integration with AKS and Key Vault

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<#CV2UVAPPG|all-things-deployment> I had some fellow team members go to the Confluent Current 2023 conference, and I am curious if they heard correctly that it is in the works to be able to deploy Acryl Data on Azure, rather than AWS. Is this true? If yes, how soon is that going to be feasible?

Hey, deploying datahub instance on azure is possible, we have a guide no our docs site :

The setup of DataHub on Azure in AKS works perfectly fine. My recommendation would be to also integrate your AKS with Key Vault to store/rotate secrets and SSO with Azure AD (Entrata). We’re using Azure Database for PostgreSQL for the backend data store, while running Elasticsearch and Kafka in the AKS cluster itself due to lower cost for our setup.