Error Message: No matching distribution found for acryl-datahub[datahub-kafka,datahub-rest,tableau]

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Hi everyone. just looking around trying this out for the first time. got the quickstart up and running, but ever single ingestion I try and setup on the web I get a similar error to this: “ERROR: No matching distribution found for acryl-datahub[datahub-kafka,datahub-rest,tableau]==@cliMajorVersion@“. I’ve tried snowflake, mysql, tableau. did I miss a step in the quickstart?

Seems like maybe @cliMajorVersion@ should have been replaced with something?

Hi, could you try the steps in this thread and share how it goes? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, same issue here. The thing is that this is happening inside the container, so we can’t really issuing these commands ourselves. As for the cliMajorVersion, I believer it’s hardcoded. Although, ingestion fails with this issue on the first attempt and runs on the second attempt with incorrect CLI version ( for me, while the local one is

So, my suggestion is to set env var in your compose file:
But something isn’t working, as far as I understand cliMajorVersion should be substituted with the proper value, but it isn’t for some reason: