Exploring Lineage Between dbt Models in DataHub for Insurance

Original Slack Thread

Hello :wave:

I have successfully ingested a couple of different source into my datahub insrance:
• Snowflake
• dbt
• Airflow
For my usecase i am trying to explore the lineage between these two dbt models that have a considerable amount of upstream/downstream dependencies each that make expanding the lineage via Visualize Lineage pretty difficult. Lets say the models are:
• offers_audience
Is there an easy way to show only the lineage between 2 entities via the UI or other means?

The closest I got is to go to the models and filter on the Lineage tab and verify that they are linked together, but I want to explore all the models in between the two to see what filtering and logic is performed on the data all the way to the downstream model.


hey Patrick! this is a great question and your use case makes total sense. we currently offer something that would solve your problem for column level lineage specifically (you can click on the columns in the lineage tab to see the full path between the columns/entities) - so this would be something we could also build out for the entity level as well.

that being said, unfortunately this doesn’t exist right now. would you mind opening a feature request for us to keep track of this and gauge interest? https://feature-requests.datahubproject.io/b/User-Experience