Guide on Extending Entity in Datahub Instance with No Code Modeling Changes

Original Slack Thread

Hey folks, I’m working towards extending the entity in our datahub instance and want to know if the no code modeling changes are available? if yes can someone help me understand where should I be adding the pdl files mentioned in step 1 - 4

I believe you can add them in|metadata-models-custom. There’s additional documentation on that README

hey there! here’s an additional guide on extending your metadata model for custom models:

<@U03BEML16LB> on exploring the link that you have shared, seems like we cannot create new entity without repo fork is this the case or am i missing something on the No code approach.

hey Daniel! what would you desired end state be after you create this new entity? simply adding a new entity to your data model doesn’t require forking the repo, but getting that entity to show up in search results / have its own profile page does at the moment. we do offer a no code solution for rendering custom aspects on an existing entity though - for that you would need to mark the aspect as autoRender talked about in these docs here: