Questions about Datahub UI features and suggestions for handling entities

Original Slack Thread

Sorry if these have already been asked, but had a few questions regarding the Datahub UI
• Is there any way to make new ingested entities hidden by default?
• Is there a way to hide specific entities using the UI?
• Is there a way to separate default combined entities?
Thank you in advance!

Hi - we have public views which you can set as a default in the UI. Not sure that i understood corrrectly on the last one - could you elaborate on “combined entities”?

Also for the newly ingested entities - i dont think of any good work around at the moment. <@U01GCJKA8P9> any idea?

Thanks for the response! in re: to the “combined entities” - this is an exampleattachment

And would you be able to share the documentation for creating a public view?

• new ingested entities hidden by default would be done via permissions: this includes read access (although note that the entities can still appear in search- the entity page specifically would be hidden)
• again, this needs to be tackled via read access controls in Permissions
• if you need to separate assets, you can set ENABLE_SIBLING_HOOK to false (although this won’t remove siblings retroactively). As we discussed async though, I would not recommend this as we see more confusion when siblings aren’t combined