How to Display and Extract Dates in DataHub GUI for Athena Datasets

Original Slack Thread

Hello. I just started to test DataHub as POC for our company data and found that it is cool project.

But I have some questions.
The first one is about displaying dates (created and lastModified) for datasets in gui. My primary source is Athena and it doesn’t correctly fetch this attributes, so we need to put it manually. I try it with code snippet form docs (with DatasetPropertiesClass) and it works. But then i found that this properties doesn’t shows up in gui. Also I notice from examples (datahub docker ingest-sample-data) that one dataset (SampleHiveDataset) display lastModified date in the gui. So i wonder haw one could implement displaying lastModified date as this is crucial for our usage.

Hi Taras! We’re happy to have you here with us :slight_smile: Aree you saying that you’re not able to see the values show up in the Athena Dataset’s “Properties” tab via the UI? If you’re not able to reliably extract lastModified from Athena during ingestion, you could consider emitting MCPs on the datasets operations aspect - <Metadata Events | DataHub an overview of MCPs> and <Dataset | DataHub on the operations aspect>

I will try this. Thanks