Resolving issue with displaying Athena data on UI and fixing bug in DataHub version 0.11.0

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hello everyone,
please advise, I’ve ingested data from aws athena service,
it was successful, but it is not properly shown in the UI,
it shows containers in the search results and also in the table UI. but it shows db name when I click on Athena in the UI, see below screenshots, I don’t want to see containers, just db names. Can I just set that containers are not shown? or even ignored during the ingestion process


<@UV14447EU> might be able to speak to this!

This looks like a bug but let me check it on our side.
Which version of the datahub client do you use?

<@UV14447EU> --version=v0.10.4

I have the same problem. Please let me know if we have a way to fix it. Thanks a lot!

<@U048VCRMBU1> <@U05NH3JE6F5> thanks for reporting the issue, I could reproduce the issue and the fix is on the way.

<@UV14447EU> appreciate the fast fix guys!

<@UV14447EU> hey, remember this bug? I still see it in the version 0.11.0

I believe this is the PR
but it did not help

<@U04NUK1721W> could you look into this?

<@U04N9PYJBEW> would you help me out?

Hi <@U05NH3JE6F5>, just to make sure I’m on the right page, the issue here is that you are getting an “urn:li:container” value in the browse path for athena entities? Can you try running the delete cli command: datahub delete -p athena -a 'browsePaths' --hard and then reingesting? If you’re unfamiliar with the delete cli, make sure you’re pointed at your instance, by calling <DataHub CLI | DataHub init>

<@U04N9PYJBEW> yes, I can try that, but I see no point in it because Initially used docker with prev. release version and then completely wiped out the docker containers with nuke command. including data in mysql.
then I spin up new docker with current 0.11.0 version and setup a new athena connection to it, the results are the same.

  • to add a note, I ingested the same tables using glue connector, it worked well.

Ah ok, in that case, <@UV14447EU> can you look into this again?

I will take a look at it

I found the root cause and the fix is on the way <@U05NH3JE6F5>