Resolving UI Display Issue with Deleted Containers in Datahub by Restarting Datahub-GMS Container

Original Slack Thread

Hi all, sorry for this question as I am still new to datahub. Can someone help me why this is happening? I deleted some metadata via CLI delete command. however the UI still shows deleted containers… May I know how long deleted containers will stay? Do i need to force refresh the UI or check somewhere else?

Have you checked the metadata database for the deleted urns? If they are truly deleted they should not appear in it.
Did you find anything in the logs while deleting the metadata with CLI?

Hi <@U04G3HGFB88> just to update, I was actually able to resolve the issue by just restarting the datahub-gms container

Glad you got it resolved Klaine! Any other issues ?

Glad to hear that Klaine