Ingesting Oracle Metadata without DBA Privileges

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Hi Team,
Does Ingesting metadata from Oracle need the “DBA” privilege? It doesn’t work when we try to connect Oracle with “read-only” privilege user due to client’s strict access limitation.
Thanks a lot

<@U050FGBMF7X> DBA privilege required

Got it. Thank you:+1:

But I’m a little bit curious about why Datahub requires so high privilege. The client complained it as they compared Datahub to other metadata products. :joy:. For us, this is a good opportunity to introduce Datahub when this client invited us to join their POC.

<@U04N9PYJBEW> Is it possible to run Oracle connector without DBA privileges ?

I don’t think you should need the full dba privileges. However, the Oracle user you’re using will need read access to dba_users and dba_tables, as well as any tables you want to profile. Do you know if your “read-only” role provides access to those dba_ tables?

<@U04N9PYJBEW> Thanks. Actually our engineer is trying to test this method you mentioned. Hope we could find the way. We’re verifying some objects which are need separate authorization. For exmaple:

<@U04N9PYJBEW> It works after granting read access to DBA_USERS, DBA_TABLES, DBA_TAB_COLUMNS. :+1:

<@U04N9PYJBEW> It would be good if we add this in our documentation
cc: <@U04QRNY4ZHA>

Thanks for the heads up!