Managing `datahub-system-update` Job in Helm Deployment

Original Slack Thread

Hey all! I have a question about the datahub-system-update job in the helm deployment. I noticed it is run on every helm upgrade, which causes significant delay during development (and probably also later on in CI). I found a <Slack thread> about this, and I understand that this job is important to run when upgrading to a newer version, but I was wondering if it was okay to disable it for the majority of time and then just re-enable it before upgrading DataHub. Would that work?

Hey Gerrit! Apologies for the delay here - <@U03MF8MU5P0> should be able to speak to this!

The system-update process can be disabled for redeployment of the same release. This will also disable clean-up of any old index clones. Note that this should be done using the helm parameter|here.