Understanding the `systemUpdate` and `nocodemigration` in DataHub Kubernetes Helm Chart

Original Slack Thread

hi, what does the systemUpdate and nocodemigration means in datahub kubernetes helm chart. everytime I deploy a release version, it trigger these two jobs. I wonder to know the function of these two jobs and if it needs to be turned off when update the datahub rather than install it for the first time. thanks

Hi <@U05AQD305BR>, those two will do any upgrades needed between versions. E.g., if the database schema changed, it will take care of updating the records to conform to the new schema. So, yes, they are needed for updates in addition to fresh installs. Hope that helps!

<@U04UKA5L5LK> thanks for reply. I am using helm to install datahub on k8s. I wonder if it needs to enable systemUpdate and datahubUpgrade in helm charts between release. and if these two updates will cause more storage to be used after migration.