Managing Tags in DataHub: Requesting a Dedicated Page

Original Slack Thread

Hi Team,
I’m looking for page to mange tags like view,edit and delete.
do we have such kind of page? if yes, please provide me way to access.
If no, could you please consider as feature request?

<@U06TM7M40RK> are you able to assist here?

Currently, DataHub does not have a dedicated page to manage tags (view, edit, delete) in a centralized manner similar to how glossary terms are managed. However, there are ways to manage tags through the UI and API.

Managing Tags via UI

  1. Adding and Removing Tags:
    • You can add tags to datasets, dataset schemas, or containers directly from the entity page. To add a tag, navigate to the entity page and click the Add Tag button. To remove a tag, click the “X” button next to the tag and confirm the removal.
    • For more details, refer to the <|DataHub Tags documentation>.

Managing Tags via GraphQL API

You can use GraphQL mutations to manage tags programmatically. Here are some of the relevant GraphQL mutations:

  • Create a Tag: createTag
  • Add a Tag: addTag
  • Batch Add Tags: batchAddTags
  • Remove a Tag: removeTag
  • Batch Remove Tags: batchRemoveTags
  • Delete a Tag: deleteTag

For more details on these mutations, refer to the <|GraphQL API documentation>.

Feature Request

If you would like to request a dedicated page for managing tags, you can raise a feature request in the DataHub community or GitHub repository. This has been a topic of discussion in the community, as seen in <Slack Slack thread>, where users have expressed the need for better tag management features.

Would you like more details on how to use the GraphQL API for managing tags, or guidance on how to raise a feature request?