Mapping Datasets as Siblings Based on URNs and Platforms

Original Slack Thread

Are datasets auto mapped as siblings when they have the same URN, except for platform? For example, should these two URNs be siblings?
I assumed so, but it’s not the case for us. The only siblings we have are between dbt and Redshift because of the target_platform: redshift config in the dbt recipe. If the above URNs are not expected to be siblings automatically, what tools exist for us to map them as siblings?

How do you want to see them on the UI as siblings?
Do you expect these datasets to be merged similarly to DBT?

<@UV14447EU> Yes, if possible. The table actually exists in dbt as well, as a source. So ideally would like to have all three (dbt, Redshift, and Glue) merged together in the UI.