Optimizing Datahub UI performance by troubleshooting slow `listRecommendations` graphql query

Original Slack Thread

Hi guys, we use Datahub v0.10.5 . We noticed that our Datahub UI is a bit slow. We looked into the logs and found that listRecommendations graphql query takes 12 seconds. We did the same query manually and the result is the same. Do you have any hints how to improve that? Do you think it is sth wrong with ElasticSearch?

<@U04UKA5L5LK> Could. you look into this?

We probably found an issue that by default neo4j storage is set to 10gb which is a bottleneck. We increased to 200gb and testing that at the moment

Let me know what you found!

However, not. We increased the neo4j, but the problem remains the same <@U04UKA5L5LK>

Do you have any hints ?