Query about Zoom and Loading Nodes in Lineage UI in DataHub

Original Slack Thread

Is it possible on the UI to zoom via the scroll wheel and on the visualize tree to load all/or by batch of 10 upstream/downstream nodes, rather than one by one?

The lineage UI is using the @visx/zoom package for implementing the visualization…usually this also includes zooming via the scroll wheel (see here: https://airbnb.io/visx/zoom-i), but unfortunately is does not work in DataHub - I suspect that there is a bug which prevents it from working and I already tried to look into it, but the logic here is a bit too complex for me and I had no success yet…maybe <@U01JUBAPZPS> could help us here to fix this. :wink:

Regarding the “load all” or “load batches” I am not aware that this is currently possible, but of course this could be something really useful…

<@U06TM7M40RK> are you able to assist here?

Based on the information provided:

  1. Zoom via Scroll Wheel: The lineage UI in DataHub uses the @visx/zoom package, which typically supports zooming via the scroll wheel. However, this functionality is currently not working in DataHub due to a suspected bug. This issue has been acknowledged, but a fix has not yet been implemented (https://datahubspace.slack.com/archives/CV2UXSE9L/p1719446475.632279|source).

  2. Loading Nodes in Batches: The current DataHub UI does not support loading all nodes or loading nodes in batches (e.g., by 10 upstream/downstream nodes) at once. This feature is recognized as potentially useful, but it is not available in the current implementation (https://datahubspace.slack.com/archives/CV2UXSE9L/p1719446475.632279|source).

Would you like more detailed information on the current implementation or potential workarounds?