Requesting Adoption Related Metrics for a Platform: Datasets, User Activity, and Enriched Data

Original Slack Thread

Hello All,

I am looking for more adoption related metrics like

  1. Datasets/Entities growth trend
  2. Daily/Weekly/Month Active users list (not only count)
  3. Number of Datasets enriched with tags/description/glossary terms
  4. Other User activity statistics
    Is any of the above available out of the box? If not, any suggestions how do I get them added?

<@U03BEML16LB> might be able to help here!

Any help would be appreciated.

hey there! yeah great question. so some of these requests are going to be easier to get than others. (1) this would be difficult to get and is not something that we support out of the box. we’d need some new way to keep track of entities over time. (2) we do indeed store these actor urns in our index so it would be possible to get these, but we don’t have an easy way to do it now (it would have to be built out as a feature) (3) yes indeed! right now that can simply be done using a search query with a filter for hasTags or hasDescription or hasGlossaryTerms (4) we keep track of any usage stats using the analytics.event() api call from our react app. You can check these events out and see if anything matches what you want or you can always create new events

Thanks, for your valuable comments. Will try to see how we can prioritize this and contribute.