Resolving Kafka Cluster ID Mismatch During Quickstart Deployment

Original Slack Thread

I’m trying to run quickstart (. ) and running into this error:

broker | [2023-11-29 17:35:13,020] ERROR Exiting Kafka due to fatal exception during startup. (kafka.Kafka$)
broker | kafka.common.InconsistentClusterIdException: The Cluster ID xsypABj4SGahOCHcKbAZ4g doesn't match stored clusterId Some(gWzWuv9yQEScP9g3YlHwRg) in The broker is trying to join the wrong cluster. Configured zookeeper.connect may be wrong.

Any suggestions?

Hey Christian- can you try installing the acryl-datahub CLI and running datahub docker quickstart?

Hi Gabe - thanks I got it running.