Troubleshooting Bad Gateway Error with Datahub Ingress

Original Slack Thread

Hello everyone,
Is anyone having any Bad Gateway problem as well with datahub ingress ?
It was working correctly before, but now when I try to access the front-end I always find Error 504 Bad Gateway. However, If I reopen the page using the incognito tab, it works fine.

Failed to perform post authentication steps. Error message: Field "value" is required but it is not present

Any hints ?

clear cookies for Datahub in your browser and try

<@U0445MUD81W> I’ve already done it and it indeed solved the problem, but only temporarily. This error comes back after a while. What can I do to solve, any idea ?

what version of Datahub you are using ?
this thread might be old but it looks still relevant please take a look

Hello <@U0445MUD81W> ,
Thanks for your answer and sorry for the late reply.
My Datahub App versions is v0.11.0
Datahub Helm Chart version is datahub-0.3.4
And I am using Auth0 as my OIDC.