Troubleshooting datahub docker quickstart issues with the team

Original Slack Thread

Hi team! since 2 days i started to have problems to run “datahub docker quickstart” :
✘ Container broker Error
I tryed doing “datahub docker nuke” but nothing
What’s strange to me is that until Friday of last week it was working perfectly for me.
Is anyone else having this issue?

Same issue. Anyone can help please?

I finally fixed it by uninstalling docker and reinstalling it, but if not you can try doing a datahub docker nuke to reset and then run the datahub docker quicktstart command again

<@U05FHCQTBJL> please let us know if this re-occurs. We’ve been keeping an eye on these issues and working on making QuickStart more stable, but it seems like there are still some lingering issues.