Troubleshooting datahub installation on local Kubernetes cluster on Windows

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I'm trying to install datahub with a local kubernetes cluster on windows. By following the tutorial, at the level of:
helm install prerequisites datahub/datahub-prerequisites --values ​​<<path-to-values-file>>
Despite my modifications I still get this error:

I don't understand```![attachment](

Hi We also have the same issue - is there a problem with the new helm version - templating is not working for us <@U061M1X0J84> <@U055WGLB38W>

Error: execution error at (datahub-prerequisites/charts/neo4j/templates/_volumeTemplate.tpl:207:23): 

A volume mode for the Neo4j 'data' volume is required.

Set to one of: "share", "selector", "defaultStorageClass", "volume", "volumeClaimTemplate" or "dynamic".

For details of how to configure volume modes see the Neo4j Helm chart documentation at <>

To get up-and-running quickly, for development or testing, use "defaultStorageClass" for a dynamically provisioned volume of the default storage class.

E.g. by adding `--set`

Use --debug flag to render out invalid YAML```

Hey guys, we have also been experiencing the same issue on our side as per the above 2 posts. Any recommendations on how to get around this potentially?

This could be helpful