Troubleshooting Docker Containers for DataHub Monitoring

Original Slack Thread

Hi Team
I am building locally with
./gradlew quickstart and testing the datahub.

However, when I start with quickstart, the monitoring and MCE and MAE consumers like Prometheus and Graphena don’t seem to run. Is it possible to build and test like a production environment (without image pull) so that all dockers can run?
Please help~!

<@U063WTWMH2L> might be able to speak to this!

I found some docs on monitoring here:

This command starts a datahub deployment along with grafana and prometheus for me:

  -f docker/quickstart/docker-compose-m1.quickstart.yml \
  -f docker/quickstart/docker-compose.monitoring.quickstart.yml \
  up --pull```
I can then access grafana via <http://localhost:3001>

hope this helps