Troubleshooting GraphQL API 403 Error on AWS EKS Hosting

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Using 0.10.4 datahub UI , i am getting 403 from graphql API
Datahub is hosted on AWS EKS. deployed using helm chart

Any idea where to look for to find the cause

403 is authorization error, so you may be missing some permission
have you checked logs for GMS pods?

Nothing in the logs in either of the pods
Frontend and gms

So the request is not reaching the GMS? :thinking_face: Have you checked the ingress?

Have you created a user and generated token when trying to access graphql api

Users are created through SSO , graphql api is working fine for some of the query parameters but it does not work when I wanted to see the datasets <@U02RXEEJQBH> <@U027ZS25RFS>

If graphql API works with queries and don’t with others, then user may be missing some privilege. You can check and manage existing privileges in the UI

<@U027ZS25RFS> Even the datahub admin cannot access the dataset.

Is the problem for one particular dataset or general?

<@U027ZS25RFS> <@U02RXEEJQBH> Thanks for the help guys.
The issue is fixed simply by restarting the EC2 instances associated with Kubernetes cluster on AWS.