Troubleshooting issue with disabling /login page in OIDC authentication for datahub

Original Slack Thread

Hi, we recently implemented OIDC auth for our datahub installation from JAAS authentication. However, we’re having an issue with the /login page where even after setting the env variables

Our users can still reach the `https://<datahub-url>/login` page and see the previous login screen. Moreover, the `https://<datahub-url>/login` screen is also the default logout screen once a user logs out which is a bit confusing on the user journey. Is there any way around fully disabling the /login page ?

Hi Steve! I’m not sure off the top of my head what options exist here… let me see if I can track down some information for ya

hey steve! there isn’t a way right now to disable getting to that screen but i hear that it can be confusing especially in the logout sense. i’m taking note of this for the team as something to be improved upon in the SSO flow!

Hi <@U03BEML16LB>
Thanks for the acknowledgement, we shall try our best to help out to find a way to fix the SSO UX for this.