Troubleshooting MariaDB Version Compatibility Issue on Apple M1 Chip with DataHub Image

Original Slack Thread

Hi I just installed using quick start and the mysql image is mariadb:10.5.8 which is not compatible with MYSQLWorkbench and Apple M1 chip

I need to build mysql:5.7 - how do I configure for this DataHub image build ?

do any one read this slack channel

DataHub CLI version:
Python version: 3.11.7

as I have never received a response

I’m running datahub quickstart with mariadb:10.5.8 in M1, and can’t use other SQL connectors like Sequel Pro or DBeaver etc…
you can customise docker-compose to use other versions of MySql
But I don’t think DataHub v0.12.1.3 supported the older version of MySql