Troubleshooting missing graph data in Neo4j database after DataHub Docker setup

Original Slack Thread

Hello, I run “datahub docker quickstart --quickstart-compose-file ..datahub\quickstart\docker-compose-neo4j.yml --graph-service-impl=neo4j”, everything seems to be OK. Then I run “datahub docker ingest-sample-data” successfully. But in noo4j database, I did not see any graph data. Any configuration I was missing? Help!!!

I am not actually sure where you found a compose file called docker-compose-neo4j.yml. We have files that are specifically not running neo4j with without-neo4j for example. I have created a perhaps simpler way to run with neo4j assuming you have checked out the repository. This is documented here (see the This would startup quickstart with neo4j using this ./gradlew debug-neo4j. Neo4j as the graph database is not extensively tested internally although there are a good number of unit tests around it.