Troubleshooting missing index creation in Datahub GMS service

Original Slack Thread

Hi, everyoneI want to run datahub locally instead of using Docker. I have run services such as MySQL, ZK, Kafka, ES, and the version is correct, and I have also imported data.

But when I run the datahub gms service, there are many errors in the logs that indicate the lack of index for elastic, such as’ no such index [datahub policyindex_v2] ’

I studied the docker files of es setup and datahub gms and found that the index ‘datahubpolicyindex_v2’ was not created. I would like to know why this index is missing and which step was taken to create it

Hi , there is one more componet called “datahub-upgrade” that responsibile for generating all indexs needed for Datahub in ES.