Troubleshooting SSO Integration in Datahub with Azure Provider in Kubernetes Cluster

Original Slack Thread

Hello, I deployed datahub using helm chart in a kubernetes cluster within private environment. I want to add SSO using azure provider. I added all the environment variables.

When I open url for sso, I see connection reset while redirection errors in the frontend logs.

I am wondering whether browser would do the redirection or the frontend pod will do?

<@U03BEML16LB> might be able to speak to this!

hey! yeah so the frontend pod will actually do the redirection, but the browser is just listening to what the frontend pod says. what’s the error you’re seeing?

The error I get is “caught exception while attempting to redirect to SSO identity provider” It is likely that SSO integration is misconfigured. Connection Reset

yeah that makes sense it’s likely sso is misconfigured. just in case you haven’t seen the docs on configuring sso here you go!

To add to this, you can use the AUTH_VERBOSE_LOGGING environment variable to get more info after this logmessage that you see (it’ll show the full stacktrace). This was key for me to figure out that my pod needed to use a proxy to connect to the sso provider.

I was able to go past this by allowing connectivity to the discovery uri from frontend pod.

Now stuck with another error
When the login is completed, I am thrown back to login page with error

Caught exception while attempting to handle SSO callback!