Understanding the Solid and Dotted Lines in Datahub Visualize Lineage Map

Original Slack Thread

Hey guys! What do the solid and dotted lines in the datahub visualize lineage map mean respectively? What’s the difference? I can’t find the corresponding description in the official doc.

From what I’ve gathered, the dotted line represents manually added lineage (if you hover over it juuuuust right, it’ll show you when it was added)attachment

<@U05F2CWUS5C> Thank you for your answer. So, the dotted line represents manually added lineage, and the solid line represents extract the data lineage automatically?

(not an official response as I’m also just a dh user) That’s what I took from it, yes.attachment

I think you’re right!

<@U05F2CWUS5C> <@U05MYH6REDP> what exactly is meant by manually added lineage ? Is there a way to manually add lineage in Datahub ?

<@U04UNS1T1JT> Yes, of course.You can add lineage manually via API: https://datahubproject.io/docs/api/tutorials/lineage/#add-lineage or datahub UI https://datahubproject.io/docs/lineage/lineage-feature-guide/#managing-lineage-via-the-datahub-ui