Using a Custom Database with Datahub: Support and Maintenance Considerations

Original Slack Thread

Our company has developed a relational database of its own and supports JDBC. I wonder if datahub can use our database as the underlying storage.
I see the aspect is via AspectDao#saveAspect–>EbeanAspectDao#saveAspect–>
DataBind# executeUpdate - > Java. SQL. PreparedStatement# executeUpdate to perform insert operations. Because the Java. SQL. PreparedStatement is the JDBC API, So does it mean that any database that implements JDBC can be used as the underlying storage database of datahub?:smile:

Datahub is using Ebean as the ORM framework as i know. So i guess if the database you mentioned is supported by Ebean(, then it should be able to be used as the underlying storage database for datahub. What about the ongoing support and maintenance?curious the total effort could be involved…