Using PostgreSQL instead of MySQL in Datahub and contributing to the documentation

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another question… our overall project uses postgresql in a lot of places. the quickstart guide mentions mysql as a required service dependency, but i also saw this:|[…]d188c/docker/docker-compose-without-neo4j.postgres.override.yml. are they interchangeable?

The default datahub rdbma store is MySQL, but you can replace it with postgres, yes. That was the compose override script to use if you want to use postgres

thank you, that’s great to know. kafka was already a hard sell for my stakeholders so one less new thing on an architecture diagram is always appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

we’re loving datahub so far in our spike. if we keep going with it, we’d love to contribute some more screenshots to the docs

the user interface is very full-featured but it’s sometimes hard to know what we should be seeing on the screen after setting up something

That would be quite welcome! Feel free to let the docs team ( <@U04QRNY4ZHA> ) know about the missing pieces and what you’re planning to contribute.