Using a Wrapper Helm Chart to Refer to DataHub Helm Charts

Original Slack Thread

Hi Team - is there a wrapper helm chart for these datahub<| helm-charts> ?
Our internal infra team is asking to refer to the wrapper helm chart instead of copying over these charts to our internal github repository.

As far as I’m aware there isn’t any wrapper chart. Anyhow, from a maintenance standpoint forking / copying the charts is a bad idea. They better whitelist:
since this stores the helm-charts

So can I refer to all of the above mentioned <|helm charts> using something like this?

name: datahub
description: A wrapper chart for the datahub-helm chart
type: application
version: 0.10.5
appVersion: 1.0

  - name: User_name
    email: user_email

  - name: datahub
    repository: <>
    version: 0.10.5```

Yes, that’s correct

Cool. Thank q

I will try this out. We will have to make sure that the pre-reqs listed in the repo and the components which are not required are all disabled in my values.yaml file right?

Yes, that’s why I still opted for using three separate installs (a chart that creates secrets and other custom stuff, datahub-prerequisites and datahub) Not every resources shares the same lifecycle. by using separate installs you can deploy only the components that received an update. Shortening the deployment / update time of the application and increasing the stability.

Got it. Thanks <@U05ANL9RHK4>

<@U05ANL9RHK4> I get this error when I run this chart using helm template datahub

Error: non-absolute URLs should be in form of repo_name/path_to_chart, got: datahub

<@U05KVNAL068> What about helm template datahub/datahub

this was because of an incorrect folder. It got resolved. Thanks for the follow up <@U05ABKMTSH2>