Troubleshooting creation of `datahub` database in standalone Postgres via Helm deployment chart

Original Slack Thread

Hi Team I am using a standalone Postgres db Is there a way for me to create the datahub database needed in the my standalone db via the deployment helm chart ?

psql: error: connection to server at "", port 5432 failed: FATAL: database "datahub" does not exist
fyi postgresqlSetupJob enabled: true

@indy prentice might be able to speak to this!

<@U01GZEETMEZ> might be able to speak to this!

cc <@U04UKA5L5LK>

Tagging this week’s oncall <@U03MF8MU5P0>!

<@U055G86SQ90> do you see the same logs as in that slack thread? We have this code in the script that’s supposed to create the db, but it sounds like the very first psql command isn’t running?

<datahub/docker/postgres-setup/ at 48b3d7afa0ee4442cb4d1bd228839cf6becfc452 · datahub-project/datahub · GitHub 5> should have the -d postgres that is causing it to fail

Yes I see the same error log as the thread, also I posted my error on this thread;cid=CV2UVAPPG

Does this PR look reasonable?

looks good to me